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A Thank You From a Parent

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“Thanks for inviting me to the meeting tonight .  I enjoyed meeting and listening to the interesting stories on how Mosaic has enriched the lives of their loved ones and also Anne Marie filling in her background and how Mosaic has become available through both of you, to people in our area. 

I really appreciate all of the encouragement and kind generosity of helping Suzanne to attain her potential and attaining her goals is making her independent and happy and growing her self esteem and self worth. I know she is building the confidence to attain her goals and maintain  a wonderful life for herself and it is due to the understanding and your expertise in helping her to reach these.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to you both for all you have done for Suzanne and still are doing for her; and what you have done for so many others so unselfishly.  God  Bless you both.  I will keep both of you in my prayers and Mosaic Outreach for the betterment of more lives.”