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Attention Please Contact Your Local Legislators!

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Public testimony was heard this week on HB 1001, the state biennial budget bill.  The Arc of Indiana provided testimony on the Governor’s budget and expressed concern about the growing demands on our First Steps Program as well as the need to address our shortage of quality Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in our state.

Next week we expect the budget conversation to continue as both the House Democrats and the House Republicans release their budget priorities and amendments. We are hopeful that our proposed language regarding an increase in the Medicaid waiver service rates is include in BOTH amendments.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! Contacting your local legislators about our priority issue of increasing wages for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). We are requesting a 5% rate increase for Medicaid waiver services with the majority of that increase being passed on to increase the DSP wage.  We are also requesting FSSA file a state amendment to the Family Support Waiver to increase the budget cap to accommodate for the higher Medicaid rates.

DSP Wage Increase Talking Points

DSP Wage Increase Info Graphic

Please contact your local legislators to express your support of increasing Medicaid waiver rates and higher wages for direct support professionals.  Tell your personal story about the importance of your DSP in your life or the life of your loved one with a disability. 


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