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Weekend Fun at Indiana Beach

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On June 11th and 12th residents of the Cherry Tree Lane home visited Indiana Beach Amusement Resort in Monticello Indiana.  5 staff and 6 individuals drove up on Saturday afternoon and stayed at the hotel on the resort.

The guys were excited to stay overnight in a hotel and to go out of town. The first day the group stopped at a car show on the way since they were ahead of schedule. The guys enjoyed seeing the old cars and taking pictures. markus terry carThen after checking into the hotel, they went to a nice restaurant and had ribs and made friends with the waitress. group deer2

Sunday was a full day. Greg rode water rides and they all rode roller coasters. They also ate fair food and played fair games. greg game2

Direct Support Manager John Coleman said he does not normally ride roller coasters but wanted to support the guys who wanted to ride. He said it built trust and bonding between them- as he was dangling several feet above the ground and was staring at Chris’s excited face and smile! chris smiling

The group walked through the Haunted House attraction. “It was cool,” he said. “It built relationships as a team.”

John said he was surprised some of the guys wanted to ride the roller coasters but Greg’s sister said “Oh yeah, he loves those things!”

John said the staff let the guys do what they wanted as long as it was safe. He feels this is part of Mosaic’s Meaningful Life mission. In fact, he said a woman who works in this field stopped him and praised the staff for allowing the individuals to do what they wanted to do. norman staff

Markas did not want to ride the rides until he was able to drive one. The vintage car ride allows riders to drive the vintage type car along a track. He was on cloud 9! markus milton john

Chris was also able to drive a bumper car. chris car

One of the best parts of the trip was seeing the community response and interaction. The guys were treated with respect wherever they went. They were also friendly and talked to people out in the community.

John also mentioned the staff were wonderful. They sacrificed their family and church obligations to spend the weekend away with their Cherry Tree family.



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