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Kings For A Day

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Residents in the Cherry Tree Lane home had the opportunity to go see the Blue Man Group at Morris Civic Theatre.

Direct Support Manager, John Coleman said the feeling he had when he tagged along with the guys was that they were “Kings for a Day.”

Going out to the theatre is not a lost art. The men dressed up, shaved and got haircuts for their night out on the town. All evening they were excited and looking forward to their dinner and a show which included eating at the fancy restaurant downstairs at the Morris Theatre.

A heart warming surprise happened during intermission when the group attempted to purchase their souvenirs. The credit card machine was down and Greg was disappointed he could not get the t-shirt he had picked out. Blue Man Chris Greg

When John relayed to the staff the bad news that the guys could not purchase their souvenirs, a lady tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me, the lady in the purple shirt paid for his t-shirt.”

John said it made him happy and was a Godly moment.

“I told the lady I hoped I could tell her thank you as I waved to try to get her attention and hoped the line would move but I did not get a chance to. Then shortly after she was inside the show and I didn’t see her again. The lady said to me sometimes they don’t need a thank you that she just wanted to do a nice gesture because if she needed me to say thank you, she would have came up to me and said ‘Hey, I bought this shirt for him.’

Then I said to her I wish Greg got to say thank you to her and she said well he did when she  handed him the bag. So I was happy to at least hear he got to say thank you. I guess she was sneaky because I was right next to him and I didn’t even see her or hear him say thank you” said John.

The group was not able to get seats all together but Greg and John were able to sit in the front row! They had to wear rain covers to make sure the paint splatters did not get on their clothes. Blue Man Greg John

Greg made friends with the married couple in the seat next to him and had a blast the whole time.  He was into the show and the music. He laughed and jammed to it, swinging his hands in the air and dancing. John said it was nice to see he was happy the whole time.

The other staff,  Kim and Valerie said the other guys also had a blast too. Then the icing on the cake at the end of the night was when Greg got his picture taken with one of the performers from the Blue Man Group and then Chris got to take a picture with one of the actual Blue Man Group people. John said they felt like “Kings for a Day!”


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