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Penn Careers Class Partners with Mosaic to Teach Job Skills

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 Originally written May 2015



Ariel just graduated high school  last week. In her final two semesters, she worked at Mosaic in the afternoon every weekday. This was part of her careers class at Penn High School.

The careers class is where students can learn about good work habits, a good attitude and learn to use business language.

Ariel started this class in her junior year where she learned how to prepare to work in the community. During her senior year, she was able to take the class a step further and actually gain real world experience, which she acquired at Mosaic.

“Before Mosaic, I worked somewhere else cleaning at the school and a gymnastics center. Then I came to Mosaic. My teacher thought I would be a good student for it so he selected me because I was a hard worker,” Ariel said.

In a little more than one semester, Ariel says she learned valuable job experience and really liked it.

“Filing, paying attention, getting to know new people- I talk to people here more than before. At first it was a hard adjustment because usually I would go with other kids and here I was by myself. But I got used to it. Here I get more experience and more time for it.” she said.

“It gets me out of the school to learn outside of school instead of inside the school. I filed, shredded a lot of papers, and logged meds to be destroyed, filed binders, organized offices, folded letters, stuffed envelopes,” Ariel said.

When she is not working or in school, Ariel is active in multiple sports.

“I do a lot of sports like right now Special Olympics volleyball. June 9th we are going to Terre Haute to spend four days there. I was involved with Special Olympics since I was seven. I was in track, and the first girl in Special Olympics to get in flag football. Now, there’s a ton of girls. It was fun.

She has also participated in basketball, softball and track. Using her devotion for sports, Ariel thought of a unique class project that helps Special Olympic athletes feel more rewarded for their participation.

“For a sustainability class project, I proposed getting the trophies that are in the basement no longer being displayed at Penn to be donated to the Special Olympics. People asked me if I was doing it for myself since I am in Special Olympics but I’m not. I do it because it makes the athletes happy,” she said.

Sports are not Ariel’s only passion. She is also interested in weather. She even wants to make that a career path in the future.

“My passion is I tend to protect everyone like in a storm. If it’s a tornado watch, I worry about my mom. Is she ok? I’m protective like that. I’m thinking about looking into weather jobs, radar, watching storms. I taught my teacher about that. During storm season, I want to storm chase. They say it’s a hobby but I want to experience that too. They recommend you go with a professional. I know all the basic radars and what to look for,” she said.



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