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Working to Achieve Independence

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Suzanne Figg

Suzanne Figg

Suzanne Figg has lived in her own home with a roommate for almost a year since receiving services through Mosaic. She has settled into a nice routine and is looking for employment. When I sat down with her, she told me all about her large, supportive family. Suzanne is a very caring person with a big heart. She shared with me some of the things happening in her life at the moment.

“I used to live with my mom. We go out to eat every Saturday to McDonald’s or Long John Silver’s. Then we usually go home. When my dad passed away I would go to my mom’s to take food to her or help with the chores.  I help her make zucchini bread.

I like to swim. I went to the Kroc Center because they need greeters in the Fall and Winter. My mom said greeting will be a good job. I’m looking forward to it. I think it will be a good experience. I liked sweeping the pool, I did it on vacation in Florida. It’s not a good job but I like it. I know how to do it. I traded that to swim.

During the day I usually wash dishes and clothes and clean my room while they are drying. I clean the bathroom and take out the trash.

I would like to earn money because my mom just lost her husband so I want her to stand on her feet and help her. We’re very close.

I would like to wash dishes or serve, be a janitor in a school, clean sinks, bathrooms, living rooms and dusting.

I would like to learn to play the flute. My cousins and uncle played guitar. It’s a musical family. My mother played clarinet at North Liberty High School. It would be nice to learn and be part of the family and play music. Shelley, my niece plays the flute and maybe she can teach me.”

Recently Suzanne shared her background and experience during a ‘Discover the Possibilities’ open house. I asked if that was a scary experience, she said “Not at all. I talked about my family!”





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