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Mosaic Jobs Provide Skills and Experience

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Stefanie Bailey gained valuable experience at Mosaic to jump start her career

Stefanie Bailey gained valuable experience at Mosaic to jump start her career

It’s a bittersweet good-bye to Stefanie Bailey, direct support manager for Mosaic in Northern Indiana. While we are saddened by Stefanie’s resignation, we realize she is following her calling to serve and will bring with her what she has learned during her employment with Mosaic. Stefanie will continue her calling to serve a different population.

How did you come to Mosaic?

“I was involved with the SPA Ministries program and Jeff and Anne Marie came to visit. I had moved from Michigan and was going through a rough period. This was a second chance for me. It was a good opportunity at the time. I have a medical background and like working with people and helping people. I had a desire to be a positive person in someone’s life. It was a good fit. I started as a direct support associate last August. I was promoted to a manager in October.”

Why do you think you were promoted so quickly?

“My supervisors came to me and said I was ahead of the game. I didn’t have to be reminded to do things and I was proactive. I was motivated and looking for more responsibility. I was looking for opportunities for Andy- advocating for him. Now as a manager I appreciate when direct support associates don’t just do their job, but more. When they say, ‘How can we get the people we serve involved with the community?”

Have you witnessed a positive change in the people we serve?

“Yes, Suzanne is actively looking for a job.  She has opened up emotionally and socially and gained some independence from her mom. She has come out of her shell and is learning how to advocate for herself.”

How has Mosaic helped you to grow professionally?

“I have learned a lot management wise, such as organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling. This position has given me experience in the management world. I love Mosaic and I am sad to go but I feel God is leading me in a different direction and I have to follow where He’s leading me which is women’s ministry. I want to help women with abuse and addiction issues. Mosaic has given me valuable experience in management that I plan to use in my next job.”


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