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Dean Giudice: A Mosaic Staff Member Who Lives Our Mission

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Dean Giudice has advocated for the people we serve, greatly improving their lives.

-Dean Giudice has worked for Mosaic of Northern Indiana for 12 years. His journey with Mosaic has taken him from an employee to becoming an advocate for the people we serve, drastically improving their lives.

When Dean started working for Mosaic in 2003, he came from the RV Manufacturing industry that Northern Indiana is known for. However, Dean had a soft spot in his heart for people with disabilities as he was raised with his younger sister who has cerebral palsy.

Dean recalls people laughing at her when she would have outbursts such as laughing or screaming.  As a teen he shied away but this, he says is his second chance.

Dean is a property manager for all six of our group homes. He says he likes how he is able to meet all of the people we serve rather than being delegated to just one home.

“People are so happy to see me. It may be selfish, but I love that feeling!”-Dean Giudice

“When there’s a Christmas party, I know everyone. I’m a real people person. I get to socialize with everyone,” he said.

“When I fix something or buy something new for the homes, I’m like Santa Claus- people are so happy to see me. It may be selfish, but I love that feeling,” he said.

After working for Mosaic for a few years, Dean became close friends with someone we served named Andy. Dean says he understands Andy and their personalities are so similar that he sees himself in him. He wanted to be Andy’s guardian after witnessing his current guardian’s apathy toward his improvement. Eventually, Andy’s guardian moved out of state and Dean jumped at the opportunity to become a guardian- and welcome Andy into his family.

Another opportunity for guardianship came about when a friend at another local nonprofit asked Dean if he would be interested in becoming a guardian for a young man who was placed in a group home for aggressive behaviors.

“Once I got to know Steven, I realized he was a typical teenager. I talked to him about the causes of his behaviors,” he said.

“Many times he was overly restricted and had little choices in his life to do the things that made him happy. He had been diagnosed later in life and was just plopped somewhere because no one knew what to do with him,” Dean said.

Steven was in temporary placement but without proper documentation and under many restrictions, he stayed there. The state said there was no money for Steven, that he should stay there or go to a homeless shelter.

Dean contacted local and state legislators and brought his case to Indianapolis. One week later, money was found for Steven and he was moved to Mosaic.

Steven was evaluated by a behaviorist and Dean had all restrictions removed. He was transferred to a day program where he had a choice in which activities he could participate in. He blossomed. The aggressive behaviors were replaced by basketball year round. This year, Steven is participating in Special Olympics basketball.

Dean says he talks to Steven every day on the phone and welcomes him into his home not just on every holiday but other times as well.

Dean Giudice is an outstanding example of what Mosaic’s mission is all about.


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