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Information Alert from Fifth Freedom

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Fifth Freedom Bill Tracker Update

You can keep track of disability-related legislation with the 2015 Bill Tracker at Fifth Freedom will send email notices whenever the Bill Tracker is updated. If you have additional bills you would like us to watch, please email

Fifth Freedom’s Bill Tracker follows legislation of interest to the disability community. This update features the most recently active bills. To read the full text of these bills or to see all the bills we are tracking, visit .

This year’s Indiana legislative session will be coming to a close soon. Wednesday, April 29, will be the last day for adjournment of the House and Senate.

If you support or oppose any of these bills, you may wish to contact your elected officials with your opinion. You can find contact information at .

Indiana bills 

Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries – SB 166 – Sponsor: Sen. Patricia Miller

SB 166 Summary: Allows the spinal cord and brain injury fund to be used to fund facilities, treatment, and services for spinal cord and brain injuries. Requires the spinal cord and brain injury research board to consider applications and make grants to nonprofit health care clinics that employ physical therapists and provide activity-based therapy services in Indiana to individuals with traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries that require extended post acute care.

Activity: Senate Advisors appointed: Kenley, Mrvan, Grooms and Mishler

State Budget – HB 1001 – Sponsor: Rep. Timothy Brown. 

HB 1001 Summary: Appropriates money for capital expenditures, the operation of the state, the delivery of Medicaid and other services, and various other distributions and purposes. Specifies that the budget report must include a list of tax expenditure items. Specifies that for financial reporting purposes, the state’s combined general fund reserves includes the balances of the general fund, the Medicaid contingency and reserve account, the state tuition reserve account, and the counter-cyclical revenue and economic stabilization fund (less any outstanding loans). Changes the name of the state tuition reserve fund to an account within the state general fund. Increases the fee for taxing units for state board of accounts audits from $45 per day to $175 per day. Specifies that the fee for state colleges and universities is the direct and indirect cost of an examination (now $83 per hour). Permits a state college or university to have its examination performed by an independent certified public accounting firm. Provides that fees collected for audits are to be deposited in the state board of accounts trust and agency fund.

Activity: Senate Advisors appointed: Mishler, Broden, Rogers, Charbonneau, Eckerty and Hershman

Down Syndrome – HB 1093 – Sponsor: Rep. Ronald Bacon

HB 1093 Summary: Requires the state department of health to collect certain information to be disseminated by health facilities and health care providers to parents who receive prenatal test results for Down syndrome or any other condition diagnosed prenatally.

Activity: House concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 466: yeas 86, nays 0

Dyslexia – HB 1108 – Sponsor: Rep. Woody Burton

HB 1108 Summary: Defines “dyslexia” for purposes of teacher licensing. Requires an individual who seeks to receive an initial practitioner’s license as an elementary school teacher to demonstrate proficiency in the recognition of specific learning disabilities related to reading, including dyslexia. Provides that if an education service center offers in-service training or other teacher training programs, the education service center may offer courses for teachers on dyslexia screening and appropriate interventions.

Special Education – HB 1194 – Sponsor: Rep. Edward Clere

HB 1194 Summary: Provides that one of the members of the state board of education must be a special education teacher or director. Requires a school corporation to establish a curriculum of vocational, technical, and employment skills courses that certain students with disabilities may complete as alternative requirements to receive a general diploma.

Activity: House concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 474: yeas 88, nays 0

Again, if you support or oppose any of these bills, you may wish to contact your elected officials with your opinion. You can find contact information at .


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