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WrestleMania in Pennsylvania

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Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw

Andy Loughlin

Andy Loughlin

Ok it was the Royal Rumble, not WrestleMania – and for Ryan Shaw and Andy Laughlin, it was awesome.

On Saturday January 25, 2015, Ryan and Andy, who receive services from Mosaic in Northern Indiana, attended the 28th annual WWE Royal Rumble at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn. It was the fourth cross-country trip that the two made together to attend the major pay-per-view professional wrestling event.

Thanks to the ADA accommodations provided by The Guided Tour, Inc., as well as all of the support by Mosaic staff to make the necessary preparations for the trip, Ryan and Andy were able to travel to Atlantic City for the weekend on their own, without support staff or family members. Possibly the biggest John Cena fans in the packed arena, the memorable vacation also promoted their independence.

“Partnering with Guided Tour has been such a wonderful experience, not only for the guys, but also for the employees at Mosaic who get to watch Ryan and Andy’s dreams come to fruition,” said Shelly Doezema, Program Coordinator at Mosaic in Northern Indiana. “One of Mosaic’s core values is ‘Connection’ and working with this organization is a way for Mosaic to live up to its mission by providing opportunities for these gentlemen to enjoy full and meaningful lives.”

Guided Tour ensured that the men had the support they needed when they needed it. That included providing assistance with money, medications, transportation and arranging for someone to meet the men at their terminal gates in the airport and take them to their connecting flights. They even made accommodations when inclement winter weather almost delayed Ryan and Andy’s return home.

Upon returning to Indiana, the first thing Andy shouted when he stepped off the plane was, “We’re going again next year!”

In the photos, Andy (left) and Ryan (right) proudly show their loyalties to WWE stars.

(Thanks to Elizabeth Goldman, Quality Assurance Coordinator, for submitting this story.)


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